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Laser periodontal therapy

Certain laser types are capable of sterilizing the gum sockets around loose teeth.
The following soft laser treatment contributes to the elimination of inflammation and teeth stabilization.

This special and complex treatment line must always be poceeded by a professional multi-stage oral hygiene treatment and for log-time effects, it is highly recommended to repeat the process every 6 months.

Subsequently, an intense laser beam is inserted into the sockets via optical fibers to sterilize the bacteria in them. The procedure is completely pain-free and requires only a few seconds for each tooth.
The next step is photodynamic therapy carried out by a soft laser. It is a combined effect of a certain red dye and red laser light and its aim is to destroy any residual bacteria and germs and help tissue regenaration by biostimulation.

The photodynamic therapy consists of 3 sessions, which are done on the 1st, 3rd and 10th day. Thus we can achieve the best effect.

With the help of this complex procedure there is a good chance to retain the teeth and the implants in case there is still some amount of healthy bone tissue around them.
This therapy line should be repeated every six months. Scientific research shows that bacteria start to settle after 6 months.

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