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Combined prosthetics consist of two parts (foto)
in a fixed and one removable part.
The fixed part, which means a bridge, crown, telescopic crown. These are fixed by cementation on previously stained, remaining teeth.
In the removable part they replace the missing teeth so that the toothless gums are also being used. This way we balance the distribution of the load on the remaining teeth to ensure the avoidance of their overloading.
The two parts are connected to each other with a precision mechanical system which is not visible from the outside-this is called hidden anchoring.
Compared to traditional bridges or simple removable replacements and because of the above mentioned reasons, this combined procedure is more complicated.
It is time-consuming for the dental technicians, as it is a laborious and long process. It requires more fittings what is reflected in the price as well.
Its greatest advantage is that despite the patient’s poor dental conditions and available teeth it provides a relatively comfortable, securely sitting replacement, sparing the remaining teeth with the help of a good load-distribution.

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