Implant: replacement of missing teeth with modern methods
With appropriate expertise and equipment nowadays it is viewed as a routine procedure.
It is possible to rehabilitate even a fully edentulous jaw with a fixed dental bridge with the adequate number of implants.

The reason why its material pure unalloyed titanium is because it is well received by the human body and the bone can grow around it in a way that they almost become one.

When do we recommend it?

  • if only one tooth is missing and we don’t want to grind the neighboring teeth
  • if the patient would like to have fixed dentures but they don’t have enough teeth to serve as pillars
  • if the patient wants the removable dentures to remain stable during chewing

The implantation improves the pantient’s comfort, their quality of life but compared to their own healthy teeth it can never give the same aesthetics and function.
After having consulted with the doctor and the patient and having drawn out a treatment plan, our skilled colleagues carry out the procedure in our surgeries.
In many cases it is possible to apply a less invasive method which is painless and doesn’t require an incision and stitches.

This way the wound is healing in a much shorter time and the post-operative period is almost completely free of pain and swelling.

The insertion of the implant is followed by the recovery period. Subsequently, stamp heads are added which are to help the dental impression made for the dental technicians.
In a few days the prosthetics is created which is then fixed in the mouth.
The implant provides a long-term solution to the functions that had to be eliminated due to the loss of teeth but only under the conditions of a correct surgery and implants with thorough and regular monitoring and cleaning.

Therefore, every patient with implants should be monitored regularly.
Only this can guarantee that the implants will remain in place and keep their functions for a long time.


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